That’s what the world is, after all: an endless battle of contrasting memories.

Haruki Murakami (via broadens)

140704 Tablo's Dreaming Radio "who wanted to get married first"

  • Translation:
  • Ha Dongkyun: But before you got married, while you were dating, did you think that you would get married?
  • Tablo: You first..
  • Kang HyeJung: He did, but I didn't.
  • Tablo: What?!
  • Kang HyeJung: Is that wrong?
  • Tablo: Is that how it is, is that how it is?
  • Ha Dongkyun: Wait, I've heard the opposite.
  • Kim Jongwan: Me too, I've heard the opposite.
  • Kang HyeJung: Well, usually you try to embellish stories to your friends and such.
  • Ha Dongkyun: But not the complete opposite..
  • Tablo: No, that's not it.. I guess we're finally solving the misunderstanding. Didn't you want to get married first?
  • Kang HyeJung: No..
  • Tablo: You had mentioned marriage.
  • Kang HyeJung: I had mentioned that I had no fantasies about marriage.
  • Tablo: And so then I, too, said that I don't know if marriage is really necessary. And-
  • Kang HyeJung: And at the same time, you said that if you ever do get married, you would want to do so with me.
  • Tablo: You said it first, right?
  • Kang HyeJung: No, you did first.
  • Tablo: I did first?
  • Kang HyeJung: Should we step outside real quick?
  • Ha Dongkyun: But are the two of you happy right now?
  • Kang HyeJung: Oh, of course.
  • Tablo: It's so great.
  • Kang HyeJung: We are very happy!
  • Tablo: I think that when you fall in love, you become me and I become you.